Chris & Mary Malone

Missionaries to Ukraine
Chris and Mary and their nine children moved to Ukraine in February 2012. Five of their children have Down syndrome and four of them are adopted from Ukraine. They make disciples as they get to know parents of children with special needs and through family ministries.

Co-laborers from other organizations


Jamie Hejl

(ReachGlobal) Missionary to Ukraine
I am a recipient of God's grace through the ministry of a woman named Claire serving Child Evangelism Fellowship. I received Jesus as my Savior at the age of 21 and have been following Him for 40 years. I moved to Moscow, Russia from Nebraska in 1993 and relocated to Ukraine in 2007. I presently work just outside of Kyiv and am part of a "church plant" meeting in the home/conference building where I live. I am working in partnership with a Ukrainian couple (Yuri & Sveta), a missionary nurse, and another local Ukrainian church.

June Johnson

(CMF) Missionary to Ukraine
June has been in Ukraine since 1989 and is with CMF International. She lives near us and we partner on various ministry projects throughout the year. June is a missionary nurse who wears many hats as she joyfully shares the gospel through medical care, teaching other medical professionals, outreach efforts to children, teens and special needs families, and Community Health Evangelism (CHE).