UMO Ministry Support

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Thank you for your generosity. And thank you for praying for these needs.


Malones Living Expenses

Will you partner with the Malone Family as they minister in Ukraine? Living in Ukraine has it's economic challenges and we appreciate your generosity. You can give an automatic monthly gift or a one-time gift.



Malone Family Moving Expenses

You probably guessed that it is not easy (or inexpensive) to move a family to Ukraine. We are getting very close to having enough for the move/relocation. We would be so grateful for your assistance during the relocation time.



Zhytomyr Ministry

Following the Family Retreat in the Summer of 2016, we have decided to continue ministry in the small village where there are many families with children with special needs. These families are not believers and are not connected with any church at this time. They need emotional support and need to hear the Good News.

We anticipate this will cost around $150 per week and will involve several dozen families.



Weekly Ministries

Using God's Word to make disciples is a large part of what we do.
We have a weekly Bible group for parents (mostly moms) who have children with special needs. We have a special program just for the children while the moms get to come to learn from God's Word without the distraction of taking care of their children. For many moms, it's the only time during the week that they get a break. We see a great hunger for God's Word. We provide transportation to most attendees.

The weekly cost for this and other weekly disciple-making ministries is about $150.



Retreats & Conferences

In Summer 2016, we held our first (and what we hope to become annual) "Priceless" Family Retreat. The theme of the retreat was that we each have value to God, our Creator. During the retreat, this year's attendees renamed the conference, "The Island of Love," because they said they had never experienced this kind of love before. A couple of ladies began a relationship with the Lord during the weekend and many more have become interested in knowing more. 



Ministry Center

The UMO Ministry Center is the center of our ministry. It is important to those we minister to that we are inviting them into our home and not just a building. Our living quarters are modest but meet our needs. The larger side of the building has rooms and a large meeting hall.  We use this for Bible studies, conferences, ministry events, parties & cookouts, etc. We are praying that God will meet this need soon. It is a major ministry resource and it will continue to be the hub of our ministry for many years to come.

We need approximately $80,000 to complete the purchase of the buildings and the property.