Prayer Points for Family Retreat – June 23-26

Prayer Points

Thank you for becoming a prayer warrior for the ministry in Ukraine!
  • Final preparation for “talks” and small group discussion material that will be useful for the attendees and that will give us an open door with the Gospel
  • We want real opportunities to present the Gospel in an understandable way to each attendee and that they will see their SPIRITUAL need among their great physical needs.
  • For our translators to be able to clearly translate not just words, but thoughts behind the words so the context is delivered.
  • For protection. ¬†Physical and Spiritual. ¬†(The enemy is already working hard against us in this area).
  • For all the travel that will be happening in the next week to get to Ukraine and then to get to and from the ministry locations.
  • That God would be honored by our actions and our words and that they will draw people to HIM.

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