Shortly after the Soviet Union fell in December 1991, our founder, Gus Downing, visited Ukraine for the first time and traveled down the Dnipro River with a group of young pastors. Suddenly, religious freedom was real and the Christian Church literally exploded in Ukraine. Gus fell in love with the people and the work of the Gospel in this beautiful country. His passion for Ukraine has been passed to others - including the Malone family. The work the Lord started through him continues today!

God gave me 64 years of ministry and the most rewarding years were the last 18 that He gave me to minister in Ukraine! God gave us the money, the workers, and the opportunities to travel to do a memorable work for Him. We witnessed thousands saved and more than 50 new church starts!
Hundreds of new church workers and pastors have been trained and are at work in Ukraine now.
I miss the work but can only rejoice in His blessings on the people of Ukraine.
-Gus Downing, Founder, Ukraine Ministries of Oklahoma

 The work continues!

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"Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God."

- William Carey