The Malone Family Returning to Ukraine

When we left Ukraine in February 2015, we assumed it would be forever – or at least for many years. However, during the summer, it because obvious that God was leading us back to our home outside of Kyiv, Ukraine. We are making preparations now to make the transition from the USA in mid-January.

This has not been an easy decision for lots of reasons. It will be hard to leave our church in Moore. We have such deep friendships here – more like family. It will be hard to leave the easy-access healthcare for our kids. We don’t have that in Ukraine. And let’s be real here – regardless of how crazy things can seem in the USA, it’s still the greatest country on earth and it’s hard to leave the comforts and easier living.

The first question that many as is why would want to go back there? In our spirits, that question is easy to answer.  However, it’s pretty difficult to put it into words. God has done something deep within our hearts that draws us there. We have a unique ministry opportunity there and God has blessed that opportunity many times over and we see fruit from that ministry. We are nothing special – we are just willing. That is to say that it’s not US who make the difference there, it’s Him working through us.

We will be returning to ministering to families who has children with special needs. There is a great deal of hopelessness attached to disability there and we have seen God fill that great void and bring hope and emotional healing. We will continue that work in our town of Brovary and will begin working with a new group in Zhytomyr (another state in Ukraine).  We are also excited about some brand new ministry opportunities that we are still working on.

October 28 – we will be having a Ukraine Ministries of Oklahoma banquet at First Moore Baptist Church. During this time we will be sharing the work in Ukraine and making people aware of the needs we have to make this work possible. If you would like to attend this special evening and have not been invited by a table host, please CONTACT US and we will get you the details. We would love to have you join us.

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