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Baptism 2020

Once a year, our church here has a baptism service at a small lake here in Brovary. We start a baptism class a couple of months before the service for those who want to follow the Lord Jesus in obedience to receive water baptism. It is a very special day for the church and for those who are baptized.

This year we had the honor of baptizing SIXTEEN! Two of those who were baptized are moms from the ministry for families who are affected by disability. What a joy it was for me to be part of this very special moment!

I was able to be part of their salvation story and part of their baptism because of the Lord’s plan for us and because of the many faithful supporters of our ministry here. Thank you! The two dear ladies are very active in the ministry. Even though we have reduced our ministry activity during the pandemic, they are still actively attending worship services and they are active in the Viber groups where they encourage other moms and dads. Lena (on the left) has a miraculous salvation story (of course all of our salvation stories are miraculous) because God delivered her from some significant issues when she accepted Jesus as her Savior. I won’t explain that here because I don’t have her permission. However, if you have received email newsletters over the years, I have told her story.

Below is the highlight video from the baptism service. Thank you for praying for Vera and Lena and their families. Being a believer here is not easy for them.

Baptism – Saturday, August 1, 2020

Highlight video from Baptist 2020

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