A Message from UMO Founder – Gus Downing

I am sure you have heard that the Malone family will be moving back to Ukraine on January 15, 2017. We, their friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, and fellow church members can go on mission with them. God calls each of us to something. Some are to go. Some are to give financial support. And ALL are to pray. It takes around $6,000 a month for living and ministry expenses. Wartha and I have committed $500 a month to help support the Malones (this is above my tithe – which goes to the church). Is God calling you to give financially? How much will you commit? We only need about 4 more to give $500 a month, or about 9 to give $250, or about 23 to give $100 a month.

There are several ways to give.

  • Online through First Baptist Church of Moore — Choose “Ukraine Ministries” as the fund. Click here to give online through FBC Moore
  • If you attend First Baptist Church, you can give through your normal offering (above tithe – your tithe belongs at the church). Designate your offering “Ukraine”.
  • You can mail a gift to First Baptist Church and designate it “Ukraine”. First Baptist Church, 301 NE 27th Street, Moore, Oklahoma 73160.
  • Online, here on UkraineMinistriesOfOklahoma.org — Click here to give online now.

There are a lot of options and it may seem confusing, but it is simple and easy!

How many of you will join me in a monthly gift to support the Malones on mission in Ukraine? Pray about it. Ask God to show you how much you are to give (He did me) and then respond with a gift each month. Let us support our brother, sister, and their children with our prayers and our financial gifts.

Next Sunday, Wartha and I begin giving our support. I challenge each of you to ask God and then obey Him.

Let’s Do It!

Gus Dowing,
Founder, Ukraine Ministries of Oklahoma
and Director Emeritus 

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